Two section hinge
   Hydraulic hinge
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   Copper hinge

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    JIEYANG CITY GUXING HARDWARE FACTORY,Founded in 1998, is located in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, Dongshan District Dong Pan, enjoys convenient traffic, beautiful environment, is a specializing in furniture hinge, stainless steel hinge, door manufacturers, such as smoking, in the metals industry enjoys a high reputation.
    I plant to "based on local, national radiation, the world, and the expansion of export" oriented to "high-quality, low prices" as the positioning of their products, with professional skills, management experience, advanced equipment and to the international correctly grasp the trend, the enthusiasm for the customer to produce high-quality, exquisite workmanship, elegant shape and safe, durable stainless steel products. . Favored by the majority of customers and favorable comments. Rely on high standards of quality requirements and strong, so that our walk in the forefront of the industry, technology, innovation, development, professionalism, entrepreneurial spirit of solidarity based on the market in order to survive the quality, service concept development and prosperity of the market to serve the community for the purpose of making first-class products, brands target tree for centuries, creating a demand for the network, open up the market.
    We would like the quality of high-quality, most reasonable price, perfect service, the two sides on the basis of mutual benefit, with the vast number of customers at home and abroad to cooperate sincerely with old and new, to join hands for common development.

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